Asia and Pacific Islands

Organic Sumatra Gayo
Fair Trade certified

This coffee is from the island of Sumatra in Indonesia and is know for producing one of the most popular specialty coffees available. Gayo refers to the tribe that originally lived in the heart of the northern Aceh Province of Sumatra.

Characteristics: Sweet aroma, heavy syrupy body and Low acidity. Bold earthy flavor with notes of cedar and cherry fruit.


Organic Water processed Decaf Sumatra
Fair trade certified

When a coffee is decaffeinated there is always a slight flavour loss as a result of the process. Sumatra coffee with its bold flavours is well suited to survive this process and the resultant coffee is still packed with flavour. A coffee with a subdued flavour profile could easily be identified as a decaf but not this one. This blends well with any of our dark roast so you can give yourself a varying degree of caffeination.